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“It's far easier to fight demons in a universe of your own making,
than to work together to fix the world we all share.”
-- https://twitter.com/plmanseau/status/1467150508049772552

"Rewa" is summaries of information about the Covid, that i find on the Web and Internet.
All info is linked to sources: reputable scientific studies, articles, etc. All summaries and comments by me are based on these sources (unless i'm just riffin, in which case i will say so!)

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✶ Information about COVID:

The disease itself: How it works, the effects on the body, people's experiences with it, along with the words we use to talk about it.

→ In this section: words about COVID | information about COVID | effects of COVID | contributing conditions | treatments | transmission | experiences | Long Covid

Words about COVID

The disease: COVID-19
COronaVIrus Disease 2019
Or just "Covid" because it is the one most talked about right now.
As of May 2022, has caused illness in over 528 million people, and over 6 million deaths.
It is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2:
The virus: SARS-CoV-2
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2
The virus that causes the disease COVID-19
It is one of many Coronaviruses.
It is also called the "Novel Coronavirus" because it is novel -- new. It is different than other Coronviruses, and everyone is still learning about how it works and spreads.
Or "Coronavirus 2".
Or just "Coronavirus" because it is the one most talked about right now.
The virus group: Coronavirus
A group of related RNA viruses that cause respiratory tract infections that can range from mild to lethal: common cold, SARS, MERS, COVID-19.

Information about COVID

Collections of info about COVID-19 from authoritative sources.

COVID-19 Information Portal at CDC.gov
Links to all CDC info
Infosheets at PeoplesCDC.org
Handouts, flyers, and sheets full of information about fighting COVID
I have a pile of info. Coming soon!
For now, you can see it all raw in the "TO_ADD" folder.

Effects of COVID

COVID is not a respiratory disease. It is not the flu. It is a systemic disease. It seems like it is respiratory because it enters through the lungs, often its first effects are in the lungs, and it can "feel like" the flu.
Please understand that the virus gets into every part of the body, and can have many varied short- and long-term effects.

“Omicron exacerbates chronic illnesses such as CVD, CKD, COPD, cancer etc. In cardiology, we have seen increased heart attacks in those with COVID-19 that can present weeks later.”
— Bernard Ashby MD, MPP, FACC @BAshbyMD
17 jan 2022
Thread with discussion and experiences.
I have a pile of info. Coming soon!
For now, you can see it all raw in the "TO_ADD" folder.

Contributing conditions

Age and health conditions can worsen the effects of Covid.

  Covid-19 in older adults
    “Older unvaccinated adults are more likely to be hospitalized or die from COVID-19 
    Getting vaccinated prevents severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. People 65 and older who received both doses of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines showed a 94% reduced risk of COVID-19 related hospitalization.“
    [retr 4 nov 2022]
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There are treatments for Covid, but they aren't perfect, and Long Covid may still occur.

    Paxlovid update: Effectiveness, rebounding, drug interactions
    -- Katelyn Jetelina
    pub 7 oct 2022
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12 nov 2022


Covid is airborne. The virus is transmitted through the air -- like cigarette smoke or incense.

    Two years of COVID: The battle to accept airborne transmission
    "Some scientists say the World Health Organization made a critical error by undermining aerosol transmission in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic"
    Al Jazeera
    pub 1 mar 2022
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13 apr 2022

Experiences getting sick

People's experiences getting sick with COVID, and enduring Long COVID, on the experiences page
17 jan 2022


aka "Long-haul COVID", "post-viral syndrome".
One of the biggest reasons we do not want to get COVID - it loves us so much, that often (est 35% of people) it doesn't want to go away!

Collection of information about Long COVID updated 31 oct 2022
What it is; what it does to your body; people's personal experiences; articles and collections.

✶ Protecting ourselves, and others, from COVID:

My understanding is, we can protect ourselves from getting sick, and prevent spreading the virus to others.
“Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate.”
-- M. Leavitt

→ In this section: general info | vaccines | masks | air | distancing | testing

General info

We can't see the virus that causes Covid, so it can seem excessive and burdensome to stick to habits to protect ourselves and others.

One thing that helps me keep focused, is to think of it like cigarette smoke. We can see cigarette smoke.
Now that i don't smoke, the smell is really disgusting.
Cig smoke from other people will stick to my skin, to my clothes.
Would i allow someone to smoke near me? Ew, i'll move away.
In my house? Nope nope nope.
We can see how cigarette smoke swirls through the air, follows the air currents. For a lot farther than 6 feet, right? Well the Covid virus is floating around on those same air currents — only we can't see it, can't smell it, while it floats into our noses, into our lungs, just the same.
Q. But then, what good are masks? We can smell smoke through masks!
A. Smoke particles are even smaller than those tiny virus particles. Some smoke does get through the mask, but the virus particles cannot.
I have a pile of info. Coming soon!
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My understanding is, we were lucky that the knowledge was already there, and scientists were able to quickly develop vaccines specifically for this Coronavirus

My understanding is, the more unvaccinated people there are, the more the virus is able to sit in their bodies and mutate, and then spread to others.

My understanding is that vaccines can protect you a lot. They may not protect you 100%, but they definitely can slow down the virus.

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My understanding is, masks protect you (and others) a lot. They may not protect you 100%, but they can definitely slow down infection from the virus.
We don't fully understand this virus yet. It seems to have calmed down for now (june 2022) -- but who knows what may come? Wearing a mask is easy to do, so why not protect people from this?

I have a pile of info. Coming soon!
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Good ventilation and air filtering indoors can protect you (and others) a lot.

The power of ventilation and filtration
    Katelyn Jetelina, Your Local Epidemiologist
I have a pile of info. Coming soon!
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My understanding is, distancing can protect you (and others) a lot. It may not protect you 100%, but it can definitely slow down the virus. And the rate of death for unvaccinated compared to vaccinated is very clearly much higher.

I have a pile of info. Coming soon!
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My understanding is, just as with vaccines, we were lucky that the knowledge was already there, and scientists were able to quickly develop tests specifically for this Coronavirus.

I have a pile of info. Coming soon!


If Covid is deadly/debilitating, and easily transmitted to others, do i have any responsibility to protect people around me?

go to the Responsibility page updated 29 may 2022

✶ The Long Term:

It is so much easier to think that this darn Covid is going away soon — or already gone. But maybe it is really easier to live and plan with the reality that it will be affecting our lives for at least another couple years.

→ In this section: endemic | other diseases | looking ahead | zeitgeist

endemic COVID

endemic: “a disease outbreak that is consistently present but limited to a particular region.”
'Endemic' does not mean it is mild; it just means a disease that is consistently present. Example: Malaria is endemic in certain parts of the world, and it is certainly not mild — it is quite deadly.

go to more about endemicity as relates to COVID updated 19 jan 2022

other infectious diseases

Monkeypox, flu, RSV, parasites, polio, toxoplasmosis, ...

State of Affairs 26 oct 2022: Triple Threat - RSV, Flu, and Covid for winter 2022
    “We are seeing an uptick in RSV and the flu in the Northern Hemisphere and particularly in the United States. Given an anticipated uptick in COVID-19, the media is coining this the 'triple threat'. Here is the current state of affairs and what it means for you.”
    Katelyn Jetelina, Your Local Epidemiologist
    pub 26 october 2022
more in the other infectious diseases page updated 4 nov 2022

looking ahead

What do the people who study these things (diseases, economics, politics, society) think may be coming?

Thinking through the holidays this year
    “This is what my little family is doing this holiday season to stay healthy and enjoy time with our loved ones. I hope it’s useful.”
    “Goal 1: Protect the vulnerable ... 
        Goal 2: Limit disruptons ...
        Other considerations ...”
    Katelyn Jetelina, Your Local Epidemiologist
    pub 3 nov 2022
more in the looking ahead page updated 28 nov 2022


"The spirit of the times";
"the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era".

In the zeitgeist section:
“living with Covid” | responsibility | talking about Covid | pandemic and society | pandemic and the US | todays' times and the US
[updated 15 jul 2022]

✶ Trackers, latest news, guidelines:

→ In this section: India | Himachal Pradesh | Thailand | US | world


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)
The Hindu - Coronavirus news
India Today - Coronavirus tracker and latest news
India-Briefing.com - India’s latest guidelines on international travel
NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for India”
jan 2022

India: Himachal Pradesh

TheNewzRadar - Himachal news
Kangra Chief Medical Officer - Himachal COVID updates



Once again, America is in denial about signs of a fresh Covid wave
-- Eric Topol
16 mar 2022
NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for the United States”
jan 2022


NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for California - US”
jan 2022
Calif gov - COVID-19 info for California - US
apr 2022


NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for New Hampshire - US”
jan 2022


NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for New York - US”
jan 2022


NBC Coronavirus News
COVID Transmissions - “news, insights, and content related to the COVID-19 pandemic”
Asks for email for subscribing to mail list, but you can click "Let me read it first" and see all the content no problem.
jan 2022
The Economist - “Tracking the return to normalcy after COVID-19”
jan 2022

✶ Sources:

Sources are given with each piece of information, and i have also collected it together here.

All the information is given by people who work in the field of medicine, infectious diseases, directly with Covid and other diseases, as scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses, and more.

List of sources
All the sources i have drawn from for Rewa
A curated list of useful accounts to follow for up-to-date information
Critical thinking
Ideas for how to find and interpret reliable sources.

meta: what is this rewa thing?

About Rewa

"Rewa" means "hope" in the Tibetan language. Here, it is summaries of things i find on the Web and Internet -- news and information websites, Twitter posts, Whatsapp groups -- that i have been using to keep myself informated about the COVID-19 disease, long-term effects, and general info about the world-wide situation.

And "asss usuallll ..." i end up putting it on the Web in case it is useful to others. It is a work in progress, and is rough so that it can be updated quickly and easily. It is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, an archive of the past, or even up to date. Hopefully it is helpful.

What you will see on this site

Categories: Each page on this site is a category. Within the pages there are subcategories. All information (except the "Sources" and "Follow" pages) is organised by published date, newest first.

Relevance: Everyone is still learning about this virus and its effects, so the newest information is likely the most accurate. I will occasionally prune out older info if it's not longer relevant. Will keep older info if it seems still solid and useful. But i am no authority, i am just an info junkie! It is up to you to check and verify.

Sources: I try to be clear where i am "quoting information directly from the source" or am using my own words. The titles of the sources are in italics. I try to keep up on when i the source or data and when it was or i something on this site.

Edits: All quotes are identified by “quote marks”. I may redact [...] and [insert] some words, in attempt to keep things succint and clear, The source is always available at the link.
In addition, tweets are often very informative, but will sometimes have emojis and ALL CAPS, which for me are really distracting. I will remove emojis, and change any all caps to lowercase with asterisks, to signify *bold*.

Accessing paywalled sites

I try to only link to content that is free and open to everyone. I do have a few links to websites that want you to register for free or get a paid account to view their content, but i saw that particular link as so useful that i added to this collection anyway.
No worries! If you have trouble viewing any of the links i have given, there are some ways to get to them:

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A small note

Somehow COVID information has gotten politicized, emotion-based, "opinionized" ... as has medical/health knowledge, and even pure information itself.
This is not that.
"Rewa" is a collection of observed realities from people who study and experience those realities, compare and share them with others, cite reputable and professionally accepted sources, and use their critical thinking skills in all this.
Rewa is here for people who have that interest.

If the things in Rewa are not part of your realities, or not interesting to you, that is no problem whatsoever. This wide wonderful world contains many realities, and the World Wide Wonderful Web has millions, nay billions, of other interesting pages and information and views. Go thou and explore and share!