[WW] rewa - endemic

What is "endemic"?
“a disease outbreak that is consistently present but limited to a particular region.” 'endemic' doesn't mean it is a mild disease; it just means that it is consistently present.
“The more unvaccinated people we have, the more it will spread.”
16 aug 2021

about endemicity

“‘Epidemic’ vs. ‘Pandemic’ vs. ‘Endemic’: What Do These Terms Mean?”
Good explanations — Dictionary.com/e/epidemic-vs-pandemic/
See for yourself - more discussion of 'endemic':
“Influenza will never become endemic. It’s an epidemic virus. It comes back in waves every year.
“SARS2 will never become endemic. It’s an epidemic virus. It comes back in waves every year (sometimes twice a year).
“THIS is what epidemic covid looks like. This is it.”
And good thread
— Dr. Lisa Iannattone @lisa_iannattone
18 jan 2022
“To figure out if we have reached endemicity with a disease, we have to answer the question: Can our society function if current moment became status quo?
“The surge of cases leading to worker shortages and still overwhelmed hospitals tells us for COVID, the answer currently is NO.“
And good discussion thread.
— Dr. Nahid Bhadelia @BhadeliaMD
6 jan 2022

endemicity and COVID

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but ‘endemic’ means a stable baseline rate of disease.
“It doesn't mean record hospitalizations, cancelled cancer surgeries, school closures due to sick teachers, and the military staffing ERs and ICUs.
“We'll get there, but this AIN'T it.”
And good discussion thread
— Jerome Adams @JeromeAdamsMD
17 jan 2022