[WW] rewa COVID-19 info summary 30 Jun 2023

(I'm not trying to convince you to do anything.
I'm just trying to explain to my family and friends why i am doing what i am doing, so they don't think my isolating means i don't love them any more!)
“Take what you like and leave the rest.”
You can skim over this page and you'll get the basic idea. Open drop-downs to read more. Follow links for even more.
Ignore the whole thing. All good.

But if you are uncomfortable being around me and my mask and my distancing, please just tell me and i will go away.

What i am doing now
Same as i've been doing since dec 2019:


  • N95 or better everywhere except in my own room, or outdoors in the wild places.
  • Elastomeric (the spaceman bug-creature looking one!) in any crowded situation in or outdoors, on plane flight.

Air filtering:

  • Using an air filter in my room. (SmartAir Sqair).
  • Using a personal air filter (SmartAir portable) if i have to be in enclosed place with other people (masked or not).
  • Checking an air quality monitor (QP Pro AQ) in my room, and if i have to be in enclosed place with other people (masked or not).


  • Greatly limiting any time spent indoors with another person.
  • Not at all being indoors with groups of people.
  • Not at all being in a vehicle with closed windows.

Protecting my body:

  • Eating healthy, taking supplements, getting exercise, ...
  • Rinsing nose with Covixyl before i have to be around people.
  • Rinsing nose and throat with saline or Sinus Plumber when i get up and at other times.

Living my life!

Yes i miss not eating with people, sitting around chatting, traveling, everything. My life has changed greatly.
But: I am not killing anyone or spreading disease,
and in the future when this finally washes away, i will be here, healthy, and able to do all those things.
I have plenty to do. I am concentrating on different things than before, and that's good even. I had to change my daily routine and focus. Duhhh – that's life, life changes!
In fact, some say it's a mark of intelligence, to be able to change with it :p


  * I have already been struggling for the last 10 years
      with a post-virus condition that is similar to Long COVID.
      After two years of several bouts of flu, i found myself 
        with continuing extreme fatigue, loss of breath, 
        brain fog.
      Before the flu sessions, i had been walking all over the
         hills for years; doing complex programmming; 
         energy all day.
      - Since those flu bouts, 
          I can't walk up hills/stairs any more, 
          can't walk fast.
          I have let a lot of people down, not managing and
          updating their websites like i used to do. Haven't
          built a new website for anyone in years.
      - It goes up and down -- sometimes i can work, 
          often i can't.
      - Has made me much more dependent on the kindness 
          of others. (That could be seen as a good thing  :) )
      - Lots of laying with my phone (Well, another good thing --
          that gave me time to collect all this information 
          for you!)
  * This puts me at much more risk if i catch COVID. 
      I don't wanna.

* The risk of dying from COVID rises steeply after age 50, and even more steeply with each year. I am waaaay over 50. So the risk to me is much higher.
* But i'm not creaky yet, and not ready to kick the bucket. I'm still doing things!
* I would rather spend my last years enjoying myself, and being a help to others, not a sickly burden on them.

"We all decide what is sensible for us personally according to our knowledge and health issues."

In the case of a highly infectious and deadly disease, our decisions are not just for us personally. They affect everyone around us, who we can spread it to. Just like my decision to wash my hands after toilet, to wear a seatbelt, not to smoke, ...

We can carry this virus and not be sick. Some estimate that by now 90% of people in US are carrying it. That means me, and you.

It's a tiny tiny virus, floating in the air. I can't see it coming out of my mouth and nose. I can't see whose mouth and nose it enters.

If they get sick or die i will never know.

As the virus multiplies in people's bodies, it mutates, making new versions of itself (variants), which are often more deadly, faster-spreading, and stronger.source

I would rather not be incubating new variants of the virus in my body, to send them out to other people.

    Refuse. Full stop. Mask on. Isolate. Care.

You: “But ... but ... COVID is over! The WHO said so!”

“It's NOT the official end to the pandemic and the World Health Organisation was very clear to make that clear, ... this is an announcement that the emergence response with all that it entails and the funding flows is over.”
-- Dr Norman Swan

Keep reading for some of the information and data that i am using for my decisions.

We are living through “a mass disabling event and a health emergency”.

"People are unaware of the long term damage this virus may be causing until it is too late to do anything about it." -- TACT

"People are not being told about the SARS-CoV-2's lasting impacts on health and quality of life. ... concerned and engaged citizens must fill that role." -- @unionmaidns [2 apr 2023]

The below sections are summaries of the info i have that is informing my actions, as of 30 Jun 2023

some numbers

These are statistics and general numbers, mostly for the United States, since that's where i am currently.

* Third place! COVID is currently the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, and has been for a long time.
* Two thousand! One to two thousand people a week are dying of COVID, in the US alone.

  * 1,000,000: In US alone, over a million people 
        have died from COVID.  since it began.
  * 2,000: In US alone, 1,000 to 2,000 people 
        are dying from COVID per week.
  * 32 million people (in the US alone) continue 
        to suffer from Long COVID.

  Long COVID -
  * 70% of people with Covid, will eventually develop Long Covid.source
  * per week: In US, about xxx people per week are diagnosed 
        with Long COVID

  About nmbers -
  * Covid deaths equal 10 years of flu: 
        The one-year mortality from COVID is equal to 
        over a decade of influenza deaths. 
  * The true Covid count will never be known: 
        - Many deaths and illnesses are unreported, 
        - Many are recorded as from other cause – heart attack, 
            pneumonia, etc (but which were caused by COVID).
        - Many people don't go to doctors, 
        - Many don't even know that they have Covid!
        - Many aren't diagnosed with Long COVID because
          doctors don't understand it or don't believe in it,

  * xx people are out of the work force, and out of 
      participation in society, because
        - they have died from COVID.
        - they are suffering from Long COVID.
        - they are taking care of someone who is suffering 
            from Long COVID.
        - they have withdrawn to avoid getting COVID and 
            Long COVID.
        - they have taken early retirement.

  * Being healthy and strong does not protect you from COVID.
     Many athletes, health enthusiasts, and others have got it,
     and if still alive are dealing with Long COVID now.

effects of COVID-19 in your body

The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 can live in every part of your body.
It can damage every part of your body.
Brain, lungs, heart, immune system, evvv-er-y-thing.

   * COVID can give rise to or hasten many other conditions
    (such as high blood pressure, cancer, ...)
   * COVID reduces grey matter thickness, shrinks brain size, ages the brain, impairs memory and cognitive ability.


There isn't any.
You can get infected many times over.
Each and every infection can cause illness, hospitalization, long-term disability, death.
Each infection weakens you for the next one.
Maybe this time, or the next, you were ok, but the next time you may not be. And the virus is living in your body, to cause damage maybe many years later. And spreading to other people.


The SARS-COV-2 virus (also called "Coronavirus") causes the COVID-19 illness. It is constantly mutating, changing, in order to evade our defenses, to evade vaccines, to spread faster, to cause more damage in our bodies.
These mutations are called "variants".
When you allow the virus to get in, it uses your body to cook up these variants.


So if there isn't any immunity from COVID, what's the point of the vaccine?
⇒ Vaccine can give you better chance of not getting sick.
⇒ Vaccine can give you better chance of not dying if you do get sick.
⇒ Vaccine can give you less chance of spreading it to others.

But isn't there a chance of bad side-effects from the vaccine!
⇒ Yes. There is a very small chance of getting some bad side-effect.
⇒ There is much much larger chance of getting bad side-effects, long-term disability, and death, from getting COVID!

All info and sources i have is in the vaccines section

support, direction, leadership ...

Lack of those things ...
From society, government, and institutions.
From people i looked up to. The shock each time i realised: Nope.

Lack of community -- having to be pretty much alone with this, because everybody else who is taking it seriously is isolating just like i am.
Yes we have online, but you know it's not the same.

It's really discouraging.


Protecting yourself and others from COVID-19:
Vaccination doesn't block the COVID virus.
- It reduces some symptoms.
- It may lower the risk of Long COVID. Masks, social distancing, and clean air:
prevent the virus to even reach your immune system.
This is "living with COVID".

  If you can smell cigarette smoke from far away,
  you can be breathing in COVID virus from same.
  (or sending it out that far!).
  * COVID is airborne.
  * Masks (N95 etc) are very effective protection.
  * Cloth and 'medical' masks don't keep the virus out of
    your lungs or breathing it on others -- they just keep 
    you from spitting on people.
  * Mask protects me 40%, protects *others* 60% (numbers?)
  * COVID is airborne.
  * Air purifiers with HEPA filter are very good protection.
  * I use SmartAir room and personal air purifiers. 
    SmartAir have air quality monitors as well which are not 
    terribly expensive.
  The farther away you are from the particles, the less of them there will be.

The latest vaccine is called a bi-valent vaccine.
A new study along with considerations of vaccination effects means thought needs to be given as to whether to get vaccinated.
A good discussion is here at TACT.
This makes it even more critical to wear mask, keep distance, use air purifiers.

sorry :(

  * I am sorry this isn't simple and easy.
  * COVID is not simple, and it is tricky. 
  * But it is here. Ignoring it isn't going to make it 
      go away. Ignoring it isn't going to help us help others.
  * Ignoring it may help you relax, and maybe you won't 
      get sick. But your actions may make your friends sick.
  * We can all face life's realities and become stronger
      and more caring people!

know more

  (For substack sites, just click through with the "no thanks" or "continue reading" link. You don't have to subscribe.)
  * Here are two summaries by people who have been following
      the COVID situation for a long time:
    ⇒ Most excellent summary of COVID, by Augie Ray
    ⇒ Effects of COVID, by Patrick
  * And some info about the current spreading 
      variant "Arcturus", at TACT as of 9 april 2023. 

  * Here are some central sources for info:
    ⇒ COVID-19 weather report, at 
        People's CDC - weekly
    ⇒ Weekly American Pandemic Deaths - weekly
    ⇒ Disease outbreaks and food recalls, by 
        Caitlin Rivers - weekly
    ⇒ Eric TopolKatelyn Jetelina

  * Here is everything i've collected, with dates and sources: 
    ⇒ Rewa at WebWalker

Public health has failed us, our governments and public institutions have failed us. They are not doing their job to protect us.

There are many great individuals and organisations who have stepped in to study all aspects of COVID and to put the information out there for us. So through them I’m staying informed myself about COVID.

Since there's no one central place, info is not easy to find. So i have tried to make a place here for it – for me to easily refer to, and to share with family and friends.

You: “But, but, [citation needed]!”
Of course. I haven't linked much to sources here, trying to keep it short and sweet. My main sources are listed on the Rewa home page under “Latest COVID updates”. More than you'd ever want is on the Rewa site here.