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My understanding from what i read is, we were lucky that the knowledge was already there, and scientists were able to quickly develop vaccines specifically for this Coronavirus

Vaccinate to protect me: My understanding is that vaccines can protect me a lot. They may not protect me 100%, but they definitely can slow down the virus.

Vaccinate to protect others: My understanding is, the more unvaccinated people there are, the more the virus is able to sit in their bodies and mutate, and then spread that new version to others.

Types of vaccines

Vaccines most used in India are CoviShield and ...


Vaccines most used in India for boosters are Covovax or Corbevax.

Three, four or more: what’s the magic number for booster shots?
COVID vaccine boosters are proving a useful tool against Omicron, but scientists say that endless boosting might not be a practical or sustainable strategy.
    -- Clare Watson
    28 jan 2022
Immunity against Covid-19 shoots up after Pfizer or Moderna booster, study shows
    "An mRNA booster after two jabs of inactivated or viral vector Covid-19 vaccines can provide high immunity against the virus, expert virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan"
    2 jan 2022

Should Covid-19 booster dose be different from the initial vaccine? Yes -- more effective protection
    'A booster is not the same as an “additional dose" of a vaccine, which may be required for some individuals where “the immune response rate following the standard primary series is deemed insufficient". “Immunocompromised individuals often fail to mount a ... protective immune response after a standard primary series, but also older adults may respond poorly to a standard primary series," WHO says.'
    Good details about boosters and general Covid vaccines.
    -- Kenneth Mohanty
    20 dec 2021

Will we always need Covid-19 boosters? Experts have theories
    A lot of detail about how shots work.
    -- Helen Branswell
    15 dec 2021

What does it mean if you don't have any vaccine or booster side effects?
    And more about boosters. 
    10 dec 2021

Third doses of COVID-19 vaccines reduce infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and could prevent future surges in some populations
    "The benefit of a third [booster] dose in reducing transmission is sizeable and increases with vaccine coverage and contact rates among individuals."
    21 oct 2021

About vaccine effectiveness studies
    "Until now there were only vaccine effectiveness reports without randomization, without a placebo control group, and multiple potential confounding factors. That’s what makes this trial report significant proof of benefit of booster shots, at least for this vaccine regimen."
    Good Twitter thread discussion.
    -- @EricTopol

To boost or not to boost: The pros and cons of getting a third COVID shot
    Thai PBS World
    20 sep 2021

Clarifying information about boosters
    "COVID Update: The very unclear story of boosters will become clear. I will try to sort it out. And attempt to be clear myself! 1/"
    Twitter thread. Good info.
    -- Andy Slavitt  @ASlavitt
    18 sep 2021

Discussing 3rd booster shots
    "Let me be clear about the evidence on 3rd shots. It is unequivocal for Pfizer's vaccine, given with 3-week spacing. In people over age 60, there is significant reduction of effectiveness (VE) vs hospitalizations and symptomatic infections at 5+ months after primary vaccination. /1"
    Twitter thread
    -- Eric Topol   @EricTopol
    14 sep 2021
    "@EricTopol May be it is not an extra “booster” dose per se, but the missing last dose of the correct immunization schedule that going forward mRNA vaccines will need - that is the way Fauci presents this and I think is useful this description."
    -- Francisco De La Vega   @ribozyme
    14 sep 2021
    "@skrymir42 @EricTopol So far studies have shown that a longer period between doses results in a more durable antibody response."
    -- Victoria Heckler   @vheckler
    15 sep 2021
    "@tq1 @EricTopol Moderna. Stronger than Pfizer and studies have shown benefits of mixing vaccines."
    -- Marsha MD MPH   @MarshaMD3
    14 sep 2021