[WW] rewa - Transmission of the virus 4 Nov 2022


The Coronavirus spreads from one person's lungs to another's lungs, through the air.
“... droplets encased in mucus could remain moist for up to 30 minutes and travel up to about 200 feet.”

Two years of COVID: The battle to accept airborne transmission
    "Some scientists say the World Health Organization made a critical error by undermining aerosol transmission in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic"
    Al Jazeera
    [pub 1 mar 2022]

Omicron spread through the air-conditioning system
    "The irruption of Omicron in Hong-Kong occured by vertical clusters, passing through the air conditioning system. Massive airborne transmission."
    Thread with more examples
    -- Bruno Andreotti  @Andreotti_B
    21 feb 2022
    "The incident that taught me that it's airborne was a cruiseship that had an outbreak, with cases transmitted through closed doors into 'sealed' rooms -- except for HVAC ducts. August of 2020, back when droplets and fomites were all the rage. Read that report, said 'Hmmm'"
    -- Brian Evans  @brian9306
    23 feb 2022

Airborne COVID-19 particles remain infectious for a longer time and at greater distances than previously thought
    "... droplets encased in mucus could remain moist for up to 30 minutes and travel up to about 200 feet.
    "There are reports of people becoming infected with a coronavirus downwind of an infected person or in a room several minutes after an infected person has exited that room ..."
    Republished in Weather.com
    17 feb 2022

Airborne risk
    9 dec 2020

A man with the Coronavirus hugged people at a funeral and a birthday party. Three of them died. 
    mar? 2021


Vaccination and testing are not foolproof
    "PSA: vax and neg rapid test are not *actually* foolproof, a person could absolutely transmit COVID under these conditions. Apparently people still don’t understand this."
    Thread: A lot of interesting takes and info, including link to nice stick-on N95 mask readimask.com
    -- @Amal4Solutions
    13 apr 2022

Stopping transmission
    Thread discussing the waves of infection, stopping transmission as the way out. Starts here:
    "Made a drawing. This is what we're dealing with. 
    Graph: https://t.co/PgKAtWh4mA"
    -- Diego Bassani, PhD  @DGBassani
    10 apr 2022

Public messaging
    "Maybe after this wave is over we mount a massive public health campaign explaining why if we don't again pretend pandemic's done and instead bolster protections, we might actually avoid, or at very least minimize, the next wave, and in so doing, start learning to live with COVID?"
    Thread: small, lucid discussion on public messaging.
    -- Yoni Freedhoff MD   @YoniFreedhoff
    10 apr 2022

‘Early testing important to control the spread of Omicron’
    This isn't really the main point of their answers.
    Excellent, clear information on what is needed to contain the virus, and protect oneself.
    "If people wear N95 masks meticulously, then the chances of spread will be low."
    "We know that people isolating themselves, using N95 masks, and practising social distancing are our best methods to prevent the transmission of Covid-19." 
    "Ultimately, it boils down to preventing the transmission of disease, not just for managing numbers, but also for managing mutations."
    "... but we are a society where we do not want to follow the rules." 
    "In a country like ours [India], physical distancing is close to impossible for probably more than 70% of the people." 
    -- Govindraj Ethiraj interviews Arvind Kumar and Vineeta Bal. 
    15 jan 2022