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This is "Rewa - a world in COVID": Summaries of things about the Covid i find on the Web and Internet. See below for more about "Rewa" ↓
This page is kind of a ToC for it, with summaries of the summaries, and links to the info and sources that i have saved.



“Coronavirus: The words you need to understand the news”
26 april 2020
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Effects of COVID

“Omicron exacerbates chronic illnesses such as CVD, CKD, COPD, cancer etc. In cardiology, we have seen increased heart attacks in those with COVID-19 that can present weeks later.”
— Bernard Ashby MD, MPP, FACC @BAshbyMD
17 jan 2022
Thread with discussion and experiences.
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Experiences getting sick 17 jan 2022

People's experiences getting sick with COVID, and enduring Long COVID, on the experiences page
17 jan 2022

Long COVID 10 feb 2022

Collection of information about "Long COVID"
aka "Long-haul COVID", "post-viral syndrome"
One of the biggest reasons we do not want to get COVID - it loves us so much, that often (est 35% of people) it doesn't want to go away!


I have a pile of info. Coming soon!


What is "endemic"?
“a disease outbreak that is consistently present but limited to a particular region.” 'endemic' doesn't mean it is a mild disease; it just means that it is consistently present.
“The more unvaccinated people we have, the more it will spread.”
16 aug 2021
more about endemicity as relates to COVID
endemic page


"The spirit of the times";
"the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era".
The zeitgeist section -- some interesting gists/geists:
* “living with Covid”
* pandemic and society
* pandemic and the US
* our responsibility

Trackers, latest news, guidelines


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)
The Hindu - Coronavirus news
India Today - Coronavirus tracker and latest news
India-Briefing.com - India’s latest guidelines on international travel
NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for India”
jan 2022

India: Himachal Pradesh

TheNewzRadar - Himachal news
Kangra Chief Medical Officer - Himachal COVID updates



Once again, America is in denial about signs of a fresh Covid wave
-- Eric Topol
16 mar 2022
NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for the United States”
jan 2022


NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for California - US”
jan 2022
Calif gov - COVID-19 info for California - US
apr 2022


NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for New Hampshire - US”
jan 2022


NewsNodes.com - “COVID-19 statistics for New York - US”
jan 2022


NBC Coronavirus News
COVID Transmissions - “news, insights, and content related to the COVID-19 pandemic”
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jan 2022
The Economist - “Tracking the return to normalcy after COVID-19”
jan 2022
Useful to follow
People who work in the field of medicine, infectious diseases, directly with Covid, etc as scientists, doctors, nurses, and more.
follow page

About this page

"Rewa" means "hope" in the Tibetan language. Here, it is summaries of things i find on the Web and Internet -- news and information websites, Twitter posts, Whatsapp groups -- that i have been using to keep myself informated about the COVID-19 disease, long-term effects, and general info about the pandemic world-wide.

And "asss usuallll ..." i end up putting it on the Web in case it is useful to others. It is a work in progress, and is rough so that it can be updated quickly and easily. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up to date. Hopefully it is helpful.

I try to be clear where i am "quoting information directly from the source" or am using my own words. The titles of the sources are in italics. I try to keep up on when i the source or data and when it was or i something on this site.

Sometimes you will see a web address but it is not a clickable link. This is because i have just copy-pasted some information, and haven't made a proper link yet.
No worries - just triple-click (laptop/desktop) or hold-press (mobile), and select 'copy', and then paste into your browser address bar, and 'go'.

Accessing paywalled sites

I try to only link to content that is free and open to everyone. (You do not have to log in to view any Twitter posts.) Some websites do want you to register for free or get a paid account to view their content, but i saw that particular link as so useful that i added to this collection anyway.
No worries! If you have trouble viewing any of the links i have given, there are two ways to get to them:

  • go to the most excellent 12ft.io
    and paste the link you want to go to in the search box.
  • go to the most excellent Web.Archive.org
    and paste the link you want to go to in the search box.
    There you will have a choice of dates (these are all the dates they have retrieved that page). Just hover over on any one, then choose any snapshot, to see the page.

A small note

Somehow COVID information has gotten politicized and "opinionized" ... as has medical/health knowledge, and even pure information itself.
This is not that. "Rewa" is a collection of observed realities from people who study and experience those realities, compare and share them with others, cite reputable and professionally accepted sources, and use their critical thinking skills in all this.
Rewa is here for people who have that interest.
If the things in Rewa are not part of your realities, or not interesting to you, that is no problem whatsoever. This wide wonderful world contains many realities, and the World Wide Wonderful Web has millions, nay billions, of other interesting pages and information and views. Go thou and explore and share!