rewa: A world in COVID

Dear friends and family:
Sure, the pandemic is over.
Because .. COVID is not a pandemic any more:
It is actually “an ongoing mass disabling event”.
“According to the CDC, one in five Americans have compromised health now.” [source]
Ongoing. Not over.
Just because it's not happening around you,
doesn't mean it's not happening. Sorry.

We can hide our heads in the sand. Or we can be real and stand up and deal.
“Life before 2020 is not coming back. We can make a new, safe normal, or you can hurt yourself or people you love. There are no other options.” [source]

So please please take care. of yourself. of everybody.
I am.
(29 jun 2023)

It's NOT the official end to the pandemic and the World Health Organisation was very clear to make that clear, ... this is an announcement that the emergence response with all that it entails and the funding flows is over.”
Dr Norman Swan 7 may 2023
The World Health Organisation (WHO), 5 May 2023
Has only declared that the emergency status is over.
It's an administrative, political, and money-saving thing.
The WHO specifically said that the pandemic is not over, and says that people should still be careful, mask, etc.
In the United States alone, as of 17 apr 2023:
Since the beginning, 1.1 million people have died from COVID.
This week, 1,327 people have died from COVID.
About 1 in 5 people who get COVID, go on to develop Long COVID.
Currently, an estimated 20 million people are suffering from Long COVID.
Actual counts are probably much higher – this is only what is in official reports, the people who go to doctors, the cases actually reported as COVID and not something else, ...

These are scientists and professionals who are reading the studies and scientific articles, then giving us facts and analysis without emotional buzzwords or rabble-rousing. I have been following each of them since they started – most of them since 2020.

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  • TACT - William Anderson - USA, world
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  • Pandemic Roundup - USA, world
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“But I'm healthy and strong -- why does it make a difference what i do?”

Difference to yourself:
⇒ The virus doesn't care how big and healthy you are.
⇒ Many top athletes, and athletic people, have died or are disabled with Long COVID.
⇒ The virus gets into every part of your body and lives there and may take months or years before the damage appears.

Difference to others:
⇒ You can carry the virus without being sick.
⇒ You spread it to others through your breath.
⇒ So even if you are so strong that it doesn't affect you, others around you may not be as strong.
Do you really want to do that to people?
⇒ Also, while the virus is in your body, it can mutate to even worse versions.
⇒ And you spread it to others through your breath.
Do you really want to do that to people?

See – the trouble with this virus is, it isn't following any of the rules. And we are taking a long time to figure that out, while a lot of people are dying, or living in pain.

When you:
⇒ Wear a mask,
⇒ Keep distance from others,
⇒ Get vaccinated
you put up big barriers to that virus. It is much much harder for it to get to you, or from you to the next person.

⇒ Video should also have "wore a mask"!

“Why a mask?”
⇒ The COVID virus spreads through the air, from people's breath, like cigarette smoke.
The old idea of 6-foot distance is no use. How far away from a smoker can you smell that smoke? If you smell it, it's going into your nose and body!

(Viruses are larger than odor particles — even though you can smell cigarette smoke through your good (N95) mask, viruses can't get through!)

When we say "mask" these days, we mean N95 (or KN95, or like that). Viruses are very tiny, and can come right through cloth and medical masks, and right into you. N95s are woven tighter, and also have a small electrostatic charge that repels viruses.

⇒ We wear a mask to protect ourself from breathing in the virus, and to protect others from our virus breath floating through the air!

“Respect those who mask, you may not know who or what they are protecting.”

I wear my mask in public for three reasons:
        1. HUMILITY: I don't know if I have COVID,
            as it is clear that people can spread the disease 
            before they have symptoms.
        2. KINDNESS: I don't know if the person I am near
            has a child battling cancer, or cares for their elderly mom.
            While I might be fine, they might not.
        3. COMMUNITY: I want my community to thrive,
            businesses to stay open, employees to stay healthy,
            Keeping a lid on COVID helps us all!

Many people are taking care of us through this pandemic time. I really appreciate them -- because they go out (and risk infection), i can stay home to protect myself and others!

coronaheroes -- we're indebted to you forever!
        medics, sanitation, first responders, daily needs,
        samaritans, pharmacissts, deliver people, scientists,
        restaurants, YOU! (Because you stay home)

“What are you doing about COVID,
and why are you so distant?”

⇒ Here's what i am doing about COVID these days.
⇒ I am sorry i don't see you much. I miss you too.
I am trying to do the needful:
* to protect you and me!
* to make sure i will still be here, and in good health, to see you in the future!
* to make sure i stay in good health – so you don't end up having to take care of me!

“Where are you getting this info?”
I have been collecting information about COVID since it began in December 2019. Almost every day i follow the scientists and doctors who are studying this pandemic.
And because i am an info-squirrel, i save it all!
⇒ At top of this page are some main sources for updates ↑
⇒ Here's a summary of COVID info and what i am doing myself.
⇒ To see all my sources and info-stash, go here.