web walker - Bio

The species Jamus walkerus, peripatetic and chameleonlike, is woods weasel turned web weasel — in larval stage, as spp. hoedadus, running the ridges of the southwestern Oregon mountains (Pinus ponderosa/Pseudotseuga menziesii ecology); then undergoing a chrysalis form in Silicon Valley (cancerous concrete/asphalt) transition to spp. geekus Injii; and now found infesting the lower Himalayas of India, in an as yet unclassified, and arguably, mature form.

In order to help implement that fanciful idea of His Holiness the Dalai Lama — of communicating with an “enemy” rather than killing them — Jamus currently inhabits the internet waves and Tibetan-exile ecosystem in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, making occasional forays to bookstores, high ridgetops, and the clean airs and islands of Thailand for sustenance and rejuvenation.

In our cooperative illusion, Jamus has projected a checkered career which includes (but is not limited to) growing up in a multi-racial family in multi-cultural San Francisco, dropping out of univeristy honors English, growing into himself as a tree planter and forestry tech in the Pacific Northwest, participating in the growth of several excellent children, learning web programming along with the growth of the Web, and friendships (and growth) with two Bills (but not Gates). A lifelong interest in Buddhism seems to clarify the present ecological niche (“Cyberwallah to Tibet”) as an inevitable outcome of present and previous life experiences.

James has been building websites since the dinosaur days of grey-background pages. He never does “management”, “lead”, etc., jobs — somebody's gotta get down and plant the trees and wrassle the code! As someone waaaaay above me has said: "my role is to be on the bottom of things."

He also has grown out of doing Stupid Web Tricks, preferring to serve the user rather than crash their browser or violate their Privacy and Security. Here's some current projects.

rev. August 2016