James Walker jobs

this is what i do.

[Unless you are a developer yourself] you probably don't see what i do at all. [Except for my own websites] i do not write any of the content, or make any of the images or page designs.

So what do i do? The code that makes it work.

All my code and works are open-source and available for you.

All my work is with Tibetans or local Indians, who are also coders.

Everything i do 24/7 is for Tibet and for dhamma.

i do website build / coding / learning/ advising-training:

My building and coding always includes advising, because i only do it if am sharing with someone who wants to learn how to do. Always includes me learning because otherwise i don't know shit. :)

these are my current jobs as of june 2019

i do admin and security maintenance: ongoing

This is a lot bigger than it looks, and can be a full-time job all by itself. Luckily i have good (open source) tools at my back. All the "current jobs" above have ongoing security and maintenance as well, of course.

A website is a living thing – it is never "done".

i consult: one-time advise, code

Sometimes i am honoured to consult with Tibetan techies.
These are some recent jobs.

and sometimes, i do write:

writing is just one kind of coding. woot*!

*Usually i say "woo" — changed here to "woot" so i won't get ... <omigod> ...
in trouble with Automattic ...

and keeping up Twitter feeds is a special kind of writing!

want to help me to continue helping?

Everything i do 24/7 is for Tibet and for dharma. Through supporting me, you support those things. You can find out more on my Support page. Thank you!