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“Never before is there a virus so transmissible with such a high R value and using ACE2 (broad entry factor). Going to be a nightmare of long COVID effects.” [source]

If Covid is so deadly/debilitating, and easily transmitted to others, do i have any responsibility to protect people around me?


People avoiding COVID as best they can are correct to do so”
     "Never before is there a virus so transmissible with such a high R value and using ACE2 (broad entry factor). Going to be a nightmare of long COVID effects. Remember, you are correct and everybody else is wrong."
    Thread: Lots of good points and quotes
    -- Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston  @jmcrookston
    5 apr 2022

Looking away
    "COVID Update: As COVID rages through Hong Kong and much of Asia, killing so many in its wake, we’re doing what we’ve gotten good at during the pandemic. Looking away. 1/" 
    Thread, expanding on this. 3 i retweeted that seem to summarise well.
    Most replies are down on Slavitt for not saying this from the beginning. (Wonder if he was constrained by his govt position?)
    -- Andy Slavitt  @ASlavitt
    27 mar 2022

You're contagious for 10 days but it's ok to just isolate for 5 days. Really?
    "'You’re contagious for 10 days but we’re not backtracking on the 5 day isolation period so please be responsible and wear a mask around your friends and colleagues' is possibly the most irresponsible decision of the pandemic."
    Thread: discussion.
    -- Dr. Lisa Iannattone  @lisa_iannattone
    27 mar 2022

"Won't we all get Covid, eventually?"
    7 reasons why we want to be careful anyway.
    -- Charis Hill
    27 feb 2022

"Personal responsibility" - Is it just up to what i am comfortable with?"
    "@sheevam_sharma Even with those in place, I disagree with your appeal to 'personal responsibility', as it completely ignores our most vulnerable, and our obligation to protect them in the social contract. This thread from @StephTaitWrites puts it very well: https://t.co/UbvlHQeShp"
    Thread. with a reply by me.
    -- Ian Ricksecker  @IanRicksecker
    4 feb 2022

What about immunocompromised people?
    "Has anyone in the 'back to normal' camp explained in any detail how we help the immunocompromised in a world of endemic covid? Not a rhetorical question."
    Thread: We don't. It's their problem  :/
    -- Jeet Heer  @HeerJeet
    9 feb 2022

"Restrictions", or "sensible precautions"?
    Stop saying “nobody wants pandemic restrictions” in an effort to appease the other side. I do. I want pandemic restrictions. Also, let’s stop calling them “restrictions” and call them “sensible precautions you should take when there’s a highly transmissible, deadly virus”.
    Long thread of replies agreeing - good sound bites.
    "restrictions" - precautions. protections.
    -- alex  @faintingincoils
    8 feb 2022

But Moooommm
    Delta turns flight around after multiple passengers refuse to wear masks
    26 jul 2020


If we are no longer “following the science,” what are we following?
    "British ministers have now abandoned any pretence that they are 'following the science' on covid-19." 
    "Faced with this seemingly irreconcilable paradox of abandoning covid-19 precautions while so many sectors are struggling, the temptation is to resort to the usual excuse when politicians do things that seem inexplicable. Worried that we should not be straying into politics, we say that politicians have to balance the scientific advice with other considerations brought to their attention. And there we leave it."
    The BMJ
    7 apr 2022

Vaccine makers making lots of money
    "Pfizer made $37 billion off its Covid vaccine last year, more than the GDP of 120 countries. Moderna founders made Forbes’ list of richest people. Yet only 10% of people in low-income countries have been vaccinated. And Covax — the global dose-sharing initiative — is out of money."
    -- Craig Spencer MD MPH  @Craig_A_Spencer
    10 feb 2022

COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the light of public health ethics
    "Vaccine mandates are instances of state overreach, as they violate human dignity, human agency and human rights, thereby eroding the very foundation of democratic society."
    No mention of a social contract. If none, on what is democracy based? -- webwalker
    -- Reginald M.J. Oduor
    The Elephant
    4 feb 2022