[WW] rewa - Experiences with Covid and Long Covid

People's experiences with Covid, specific variants, and Long Covid.

Covid in general

What we learned from our family's outbreak about preventing COVID's spread
  24 dec 2021

"Just reminding everyone that severe COVID symptoms often start nearly 7 to 10 days after symptom onset. Many patients we admitted with hypoxia noted that their cold symptoms started to go away around days 4 to 6. It's a bit premature to say you have a mild case upon diagnosis."
  Thread, with many people's experiences.
  -- David Lee, MD  @DaveLeeERMD
  22 dec 2021

Tom Hanks details his battle with coronavirus in hospital
20 apr 2020

Detailed descriptions of treating patients, intubation, choices.
  When COVID-19 sarts to feel normal
  27 may 2020

How our reporter fought the coronavirus 

Had Covid-19... description

Dad went home today! 

What does COVID-19 do to humans and what is it like to have the illness?

experiences with the Omicron variant

Omicron, days 5/6, no better. 
  Me: razor blade sore throat, fatigue, body aches, chills, night sweats. 
  Wife: fever >102° off & on last 15 hrs, excruciating bone & joint pain, fatigue, sore throat. 
  We are middle aged & healthy. Omicron is NOT "mild". I fear for the vulnerable.
Thread, with others' experiences.
  -- David Christopher MLS   @MLS_Dave
  6 jan 2022
"Long Covid"

Experiences with "Long Covid" ("Long-Haul Covid")

Aberdeenshire couple document Long Covid "recovery" after vaccine refusal
  16 dec 2021

Thousands who got COVID-19 in March [2020] are still sick 

Coronavirus is making young people very sick. I was one of them. 
  14 may 2020

‘Weird lung stuff and funky blood work’: Chris Cuomo says he still hasn’t fully recovered from coronavirus  - he got it in March [2020].
  May 2020

Sherri Santos: "Covid-19 isn't just 'you get better' or 'you die'. My sister is in week 8. Four weeks of high fever, extreme body aches and crushing fatigue. Week 5 the fevers went away but she developed shortness of breath. Week 6 CT scan showed multiple pulmonary blood clots. Now ... "
  Long thread, many stories

Mikki Kendall: As someone who had Covid and is now in recovery? You don't want to let this trout mouthed yamp in your house. You want her to stay the fuck away from you. I am far from one of the worst case scenarios and I am in month 3 of recovery. Good news I don't need my inhaler every day!

Hey, so, I got Covid19 in March. I’ve been sick for over 3 months w/ severe respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological symptoms. I still have a fever. I’ve been incapacitated for nearly a season of my life. It's not enough to not die. You don’t want to live thru this, either. 
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