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Why i use Cloudflare:

  * Stops DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
	  This is how Cloudflare started, and was the initial reason i got on it.
	  Then it grew, and i liked it and used things that it offered.
	  (Another thing i like is that you can pick and choose which
	    features you want to use.)

  * Other security functionality as well.

  * CDN (Content Distribution Network) -
      my sites are served from Cloudflare's servers all over the world,
      so they are faster for my users.

  * Including that pages etc are cached, which also makes site faster.

  * Clearing cache is easy, for one page, a few pages, or entire website.

  * Manage DNS for all sites in one place, with nice interface.

  * Shows cached versions of site if it is down.

  * Its admin screens and help pages are always clear and informative.
	  Yes i didn't say 'easy' --  most take some knowledge to use or even
	  to know why you are using them. But Cloudflare does its best
	  to educate you ... and if you are using something like Cloudflare,
	  these are all things you want to know.

  * It also has a lot of high-end features, and more in paid accounts,
      but the size and scope of my websites don't need them.

➽  links and resources: 

  * Why Cloudflare
    See 'Why Cloudflare' menu item - first in top nav.
    (No url for those menu items??!! -- c'mon Cloudflare, what are you thinking??)
    [retr jan 2021]

  * How can CloudFlare offer a free CDN with unlimited bandwidth?
      A very clear and informative answer by Matthew Prince, co-founder/CEO
      10 jan 2016

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