Sammā Kammanta - "right action"

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Why "samma kammanta"?

samma - right, good | kammanta - action ... this is the work!

“Do what you do
and give the fruits of your action to me.”
Krishna, Bhagavad Gita
“The ideal Buddhist practice, in my opinion, is one that unites inner meditative development with external action in the world. When we cultivate love and compassion as a meditative practice, we create in our hearts a powerful force that can be unleashed and effect momentous transformations, bringing benefits to many. But the love and compassion in our hearts have to find channels to flow out in the form of concrete action.”
Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi
4th section "Putting Compassion into Action", in

More about kamma yoga, right action, and compassion in action

Sammā Kammanta - "right action"
The fourth step on the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Middle Path.
Negatively: do not kill, do not steal, no sexual misconduct, so as to purify ones mind and body.
Positively, any action motivated by kindness, generosity, the desire to help others or preserve life.
Samma Kammanta, aka: Right Action; 3 Definition(s)
Buddhism and Social Action: An Exploration, by Ken Jones

It is not enough to be compassionate,
we must act.
— Dalai Lama XiV

Why the Buddhism propaganda?

Can't help it. These concepts ... in the past not as conscious and verbalised ... now tied to sets of words and practices ... are the drivers behind what i do (for past 17 years now).

To explain the tech, without saying something about the philosophy behind it, seems incomplete, and even wrong.

And also, maybe in some utopian vision of counteracting the empty, ethics-less, and downright evil motivations that a lot of the Web and tech has sunk to.

Take what you like and leave the rest! :)