Yahoo! and censorship and prison, oh my!

Dear friends:

I can no longer use my 'tometaxu' account on yahoo email or messenger. Please be informed that if there is any 'tometaxu' on yahoo in future, it is not me. In fact, because of the following events, i will no longer be using Yahoo! services at all.

Here is the reason i can't use my yahoo 'tometaxu':
When i tried to log in last week (date) i was unable to. This was kind of strange, since i had not changed the password. So i went through the procedures on the yahoo site to recover the password, and then emailed their support desk. We exchanged several emails — but no password resulted. So 'tometaxu' is shut out of yahoo.

Now — another thing is:
Since 9 September 2005, i had a note and some urls on my yahoo profile, linking to news stories (on yahoo!) about how Yahoo! has helped the Chinese government to jail free speech advocates by supplying them with stored emails from those people's Yahoo accounts. (And - all the news story urls no longer work.)

So on 6 May 2006, i tried to do a search for 'tometaxu' at
Wow! I don't exist: Sorry, no results were found for: "tometaxu".

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean ...
Maybe it is totally unrelated, and is all a result of some stupid mistake on my part. Maybe i am a space-case, ridiculously paranoid, flippy-dippy hippy. Sure, could be. But here's the thing — even i am all of the above ... if Yahoo! thinks it's ok to participate in censorship and jailing of dissidents in one country ... where does it stop?

First they came for the Communists,
    but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for ...