Tibet Spring: a complaint

Tibet Spring?

What is "spring-like" about torture and self-immolation?

"Arab Spring" could be called that because it did have some result (even if not all ended up good).

What is resulting in Tibet? More repression. Imprisonment. Torture. Atrocities.
That's a "Spring"???

And so many of the Tibet support websites — they look like campaigns for sports shoes or bands or something.

Pastel colors. Events to attend. Clickable moments.
Tshirts and buttons and gimmicks and gadgets.

People are setting fire to themselves in their despair ...
and the Big Win is the number of "Likes" they get on Facebook?

It's like ... c'mon, think ...
if it was the Jewish Holocaust, the incinerators, the atrocities ...
would we be talking about "Jewish Spring"?
"Free the Jews" t-shirts?

What's the difference between the Jewish Holocaust and the Tibetan Holocaust?

Essentially, NOTHING
That's why we are working here — right?

So WTF, people???

I know something is needed to touch the regular humans of the world.
I can't dis these things — i sure don't have any other ideas to offer.

But at the same time ...
they all make me sick to my stomach.