The People's Republic of China
The United States of America
in 2008

prc - more executions in a year than the rest of world's countries combined.
usa - "... leads the world with its prison population -- 2,000,000+ or 1/4 of the world's total."  [ here ]
prc - killing off and destroying native cultures and peoples as it moves westward.
usa - all done.
prc - thamzing "struggle sessions".
usa - psychotherapy sessions.
prc - destroyed ecosystems within own country, now working on those of acquired countries.
usa - destroyed much of its own ecosystem, now preserving some when they found out they could make money off it, and working on destroying that of the rest of the world through "globalization" and "world trade".
Yah, 2 years ago i didn't understand what was the big deal with this "world trade" business either. But i've been living in India since then. And it's not just ecosystems — we have such subtle ways of "ethnic cleansing" ...
prc - "we have no political prisoners".
jail, torture, and social and economic punishments for dissidents.
usa - "no such shocking thing here!"
70% (?) of jail population is non-whites;
leonard peltier, and other protesters and civil rights activists in jail for made-up charges.
Abu Ghairab
Soldier Who Reported [Abu Ghariab] Abuse Was Sent to Psychiatrist ... and ...
... "I don't care what you saw or heard, he is imbalanced, and I want him out of here."
and ... evacuated from Iraq in restraints on a stretcher to a military hospital in Germany, despite having been given no official diagnosis, ...
(Washington Post)  [ here ]  [ here ]
Afghanistan - "One Huge US Jail"
" ... human-rights activists and Afghan politicians have accused the US military of placing Afghanistan at the hub of a global system of detention centres where prisoners are held incommunicado and allegedly subjected to torture."
The Guardian  [ here ]
prc - citizens tracked in all government and private relationships,
citizens encouraged to report on other citizens for "unpatriotic" activities.
usa - universal id number (social security number), tracks citizens in all government and private relationships.
prc - "defend our homeland"
usa - Department of Homeland Security
"homeland"??! - i never heard that phrase before in the USA. Besides - the only people who have the right to call the North American continent their "homeland" have been mostly all killed off or locked away in reservations. The majority of people in the US are from other countries! Kind of like - hmmmm - the Han in Tibet, Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia, ...
prc - The Golden Shield: monitoring of individual internet use.
usa - laws enacted to track individual internet use, read private email.
prc - censorship.
usa - Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)
prc - government propaganda disguised as information.
usa - government propaganda disguised as information. [ here ]
prc - the historical facts you don't learn in school.
usa - the historical facts you don't learn in school.
prc - the news you don't get in the news.
usa - the news you don't get in the news.
prc - revere money and power.
usa - revere money and power.
prc - han superiority.
usa - white superiority.

how stupid do they think we are?

prc - "Beijing has dismissed the first visit by exiled Tibetan officials to China in nine years as a sightseeing trip ... the visitors should spend their time visiting the Great Wall and Forbidden City." [ here ]
Let's see ... you annex a country, kill off 1/3 of their population, incarcerate and torture many of those who are left, destroy most of their religious buildings and monuments, and keep the people in second-class citizenship for over 40 years, meanwhile denouncing their government-in-exile and refusing to speak to its representatives ... and some of those representives at last are allowed to visit, and they have nothing on their mind but ... tourism???!! And they didn't talk to you before they came?
usa - "Axis of evil."
Uh huh.
The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.
— Adolf Hitler
more words of wisdom from Herr H.
PRC and human rights
PRC and internet censorship/surveillance