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This is James. I build and admin websites, especially WordPress.
The sites i build are information, for people who want information.
The sites i build are made to last, to be useable, to grow.
My oldest website is 18 years old. I currently admin 24 websites (updates, security, modernise code, etc)
I somehow manage to do this without gulping, grunting, sassing, lessing, and only a little bit of farting, moaning, and groaning.
(Programming world now a days: Lets install this npm to manage the gem to control the pip package used to perform <insert simple task>
and after 21 years i'm still learning and i i still love it.
I call my talks "View from the bottom"
There are many concepts and tools floating around today.
Most of them are "wonderful for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. ... my role is to be on the bottom of things."
Being human, i have some ideas and views.
That doesn't mean that i think other people should do the same way i do. Just that another way of looking at things may be useful. And if i get a little hyper about things sometimes -- it is only because the whole reason i have been involved with Web is because i care about it. And sometimes that leaks through. :)
My views mostly involve the world of Website development, since that is what i do.
For over 20 years - since the Web began
For over 15 years - for the Tibetan world
These days - a lot of WordPress. Tomorrow - who knows?
My viewpoint is from one who
* is with everything that implies in terms of advantages and sense of privilege "pale, male, and stale" - AKA older white westerner
* builds (not "creates") websites intended for lasting information.
* builds for people who are giving all they have to Tibet, to Buddhism, or to the world.
* thinks he fits in the Developer portion of this diagram — but YMMV.