Goodbye github – ICE ICE baby

I have today removed myself from github, due to github’s allowing the US department ICE to have a github account. Despite the ‘good things’ that ICE may be doing (given as an excuse in github’s self-serving blog post), the people of ICE are responsible for many deaths, unconstitutional search and seizure, breakup of families, and disappearance of many people especially children and babies. Nothing is completely good or evil. Even Hitler loved dogs and children, just like me. You have to have some moral standard, you have to draw the line somewhere.

So i am doing this also out of my general disgust with the complete and utter licking of the boots (and other parts) of holders of power by most organisations, especially the large ones like you who have the power to change the world for good, if they would. Grow a spine, dammit!

I have also posted this on my Twitter at, and to my colleagues and students.
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