The projects

Here’s the projects that could currently use your support!
Am making pages for them – in the meantime it’s mostly just a list. Also you can see a different view of these and more at my Jobs page

  • The Kuti at Khao Tham – renovating
  • The Coffee Shop at Khao Tham Viewpoint
  • The Drongo Theme/Plugin Suite – for use on all the websites i admin, and for teaching with
  • The Pinboard – my link archives at tometaxu
  • The Quotes – a big dhamma quotes project. Parts of it are started at and
  • The Thai/Tibetan Buddhism Connection – an essay or pages or website i want to write. There’s a beginning at
  • Learn Pali – for chanting mostly
  • Travel – Thailand/India, and next year US/India
  • Lobsang Wangyal and his many Productions.

How to support these works

For now you can contact me here. Stripe button coming up.

Written 26 November 2019; revised 26 November 2019.