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Lobsang Wangyal Lobsang Wangyal is a social justice warrior based in McLeod Ganj, India, the home of the Dalai Lama, using his writing, photojournalism, and events productions to support Tibet and its people. Here is a page of his works, and here is his Wikipedia page. His daily work is his news website, where he posts unique stories on exile Tibetan affairs, and publishes opinions, features, and interviews from other Tibetans.

Indian passport for exile Tibetans: A big multi-year project has been the PIL (Public Interest Litigation) which he initiated in 2016 for implementation of the Indian Citizenship Act for Tibetan refugees in India. The case was won and the Delhi High Court ordered that all Tibetans who meet the criteria of being Indian citizens by birth to be treated as Indians, and to be issued passports upon applying. This caused a big shake-up in the exile Tibetan community as well as Tibetan and Indian governments — mostly good, and the positive end results will be seen in history. Since then he has been busy following up with filing cases to get local officials to obey this order, and also giving his services as a consultant to Tibetans navigating the process of passport application. Details about the passport litigation and issues are on his website

As a result of this activity, Lobsang now counsels exile Tibetans in India and helps them through the process for obtaining Indian passport, and counsels exile Tibetans worldwide who hold citizenship in other countries, helping them through the process for obtaining Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status. (Since all this work is viewed by Tibetans as “within family”, he is rarely reimbursed for any expenses incurred doing this!)

Tibetan-English dictionary: His next big project, which we will do together, is an online contemporary Tibetan-English dictionary, to live at his website

The call

So if Lobsang is doing such great work, why isn’t he getting funding already? That is a good question and an interesting one. Lobsang doesn’t fit in a “sector” or a niche, so hasn’t been able to attract mainstream recognition, funding, or support. Then, there is hesitance to ask, as Tibetan culture looks down on tooting your own horn. As alternative as LW is, he is still very much a product of his culture! So here i am tooting it for him.

All Lobsang’s works are for Tibet and for dharma. I have been working and traveling with him for many years, and i can vouch for it — this is all he does, and it comes from his heart.

Below are Lobsang’s current doings and needs. There is more on his website about Lobsang, and an overview of his event productions. Coming up is a page with a complete list of his life works.

Through supporting Lobsang, you support those things, which are all for Tibet and for dharma. If you would like to help,

Thank you.


April-May 2019: In McLeod Ganj working on local news, CTA doings, website improvements.

  • Reporting on doings of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) on TibetSun.
  • Getting started on build of the online Tibetan-English dictionary
  • Since his erstwhile web developer is also in McLeod this month, he is taking advantage of that to shift web hosting and to make improvements on all his websites.
  • Helping people navigate the process of applying for India passport, in personal meetings.
  • The ongoing photography, fielding questions and interviews from Tibetan and Indian media, and making the rounds and feeling the pulse of his McLeod Ganj home.

Coming up

June 2019: A visit to The Netherlands is in the works, which will include attending cultural events, talking about Tibet, and counseling exile Tibetans on the the process for obtaining Indian passport or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status While he may be able to squeak by with the limited help of a friend or two, more help with expenses would enable this trip to be more productive!

Current needs

  • Monthly living expenses: Estimated: US$ 500
  • Travel 2 x year: Over the years Lobsang has made many friends and contacts throughout the world online. Since he got a real passport he has been able to visit with them, and also to run events such as Sing for Tibet, to participate in other events, and to talk with people about Tibet, all in other countries, not just at home in McLeod. Also in his travels he often finds himself counseling exile Tibetans on the the process for obtaining Indian passport or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status, without recompense. He is usually able to stay with friends and get around locally — still airplane tickets, food, event costs, etc all add up!
    Estimated cost: US$ 2,000 x 2
  • New laptop: As a writer and photographer, Lobsang’s essential tool is his laptop.
    Estimated cost: US$ 1,200
  • New camera: As a photographer, Lobsang’s essential tool is his camera. His trusty Nikon is now getting pretty old. Needed is a Nikon digital SLR.
    Estimated cost: US$ 1000
  • New mobile: These days, like many of us, Lobsang carries on a lot of his social work through his phone. And since his work is social work, he may possibly be using all its facilities even more than many of us! … with better camera facility: Lobsang often resorts to his mobile camera when he is out and about. As a professional photographer, he can’t get by with a ‘snapshot’ camera like many of us do, but needs professional-level camera in his phone.
    Estimated cost: US$ 1,000
  • Domain name registrations: Total 13 domains
    US$ 208 / year
  • Web hosting: Total 13 domains
    US$ 360 / year

Current supporters

  • Anonymous supporter (Injie): Monthly, covers web hosting for his 13 websites. (But cannot keep it up long term, hoping someone else can step in.) Thank you!
  • Anonymous supporters (Injies, Tibetans): Provides space to stay, food, etc when traveling. Thank you!

How to support these works

For now you can contact Lobsang here. If it seems useful i could put a Stripe button up here.

this page revised 18 may 2019.