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WebWalker is me James Walker. I have been a web developer since the web began, and have been building / teaching / advising Web in the Tibetan exile community in India since 2001.

On this page are current doings and needs. Here are pages about me, and details of my works.

Through supporting me, you support those things, which are all for Tibet and for dharma. If you would like to help, please contact me here.

Thank you.

Current works

April-July 2019: In McLeod Ganj with air filter running 24/7, N95 mask on when outside, lots of hot lemon/ginger/honey and healthy eating — hoping i can make it through without fatigue/illness this time!

Web work this session:

  • Web consulting with local Tibetan techies through meeting, emails, sms, phone; sharing at WordPress meetups (thanks to Tseten Dolkar) [details]
  • Supporting Lobsang Wangyal Works through website administration, editing, and hot lemon/ginger/honey. [details]
  • Getting started on build of the online Tibetan-English dictionary with Lobsang Wangyal. [details]
  • Getting started on redesign of the Help With Books website with Phuntsok Dorjee. [details]
  • Converting all WordPress websites that i admin to ClassicPress.
  • And the usual 25-website maintenance and updates, (which includes keeping up with web tech and implementing on websites) …

    Maintenance details on the jobs page

    • – (Tibetan Buddhism teachings in McLeod Ganj) improvements and backups.

Other works this session:

  • Consulting with Tenzin Tsundue and Bhuchung D Sonam, about website rebuild of [details]
  • Going through all my backup disks and reconciling everything, and setting up individual backup “clouds” for myself and LW. We both have years of archives of our own works, and in my case old websites of many Tibetan orgs, and cannot lose them!
  • Supporting local kitties who show up when word gets around that i am back.

    I do like the cat and dog people, and say hello to them everywhere. Starting about 2008 the cats starting finding me in McLeod Ganj. It started with one sweet lady who stayed with me for years — even though i didn’t feed her because i didn’t want her to be dependent on me. Hah, fat chance of that! There was a time a few years ago when there were seven cuddly kitties taking over my place — nursing kits and mom, young cats, and old lady — just walked right in, one by one, days apart, and how can i say no? Yes i did feed this batch πŸ˜€
    Now we have one old regular, the black drooly kitty, who is not drooling and looking much healthier. She never asks for pets and mostly sleeps, loves to be brushed and petted, but keeps to herself otherwise. Three days after i got back a new young tabby walked right in as if this was home, and followed me around all day talking to me. Turned out he was talking about stomach problems, and i think we’re getting it solved now. He is a sweetie and still sticks close to me. He’s been trying to make friends with drooly kitty and there is progress — she doesn’t swat him any more, they even sniff noses now … and i have suspicions they are sleeping together under my bed.

  • Dhamma study and meditation — and i learned there is a class in basic Sanskrit being held here in May, right near my place. Great opportunity! So now i am learning Sanskrit

Current needs

  • Visa and extensions fees, and associated travel expenses. Estimated: US$600 / year
  • Domain name registrations: Total 4 domains – US$132 / year
  • Plugins and extensions: Most website plugins are free or i write my own, but there are four that are huge and indispensable, and absolutely worth the cost. One plugin author is kindly donating it to me, but there are three more … Total – about US$300 / year
  • Portable a/c unit for my kuti (hut) at Khao Tham Meditation Center. While i can live and meditate there in the heat and humidity just fine, i have found that my Web work is severely limited — the brain, like the computer, needs cool! The plan is to use the A/C only when i am working, and to reimburse Khao Tham for the extra electricity. Estimated: US$250, plus monthly electricity.
  • Upcoming plane ticket and travel expenses. In July, back to the meditation center at Khao Tham for a respite for the lungs with the clean air of the island, and for the mind with more concentrated meditation in the calm environment. And of course doing more web works daily from there. Estimated: US$300
  • Vaccinations. It’s time to update some, and to get yearly flu shots (in Asia now there are two, for Northern and Southern flu seasons). Estimated: US$200
    • Cat food and possibly vet bills.
    • Water heater (“geyser”) for room at McLeod Ganj. The water heater finally gave up completely in November of 2018. Luckily nobody was staying in the room over the winter, and cold showers aren’t too bad other times of year. But … Winter is coming … Estimated for unit and installation: US$200
    • Medical insurance. I don’t have. I should have. Estimated: At my age there are no published rates! πŸ˜› I have to apply for a quote.
    • Travel to US: Coming up in end 2020! Renew a visa, visit family (it’s been almost 10 years), etc. Luckily i will have a place to stay, that’s one huge line item not to worry about! Estimated: US$2,000
    • Nice to have: Books – William Gibson’s last three, Gaiman American Gods, Wind in the Willows; Low-end Android tablet for reading, and for showing websites while out and about.

Why the Thailand travel? Isn’t walker’s work with Tibetans in India?
Yes it is. India air pollution chased me out, and Thailand air healed me up again — and it’s Web, i can make it and consult on it anywhere!

Since about 2010 my health deteriorated badly in India. It got to the point that i really wasn’t doing much — and fatigue and brain fog interfered even more with web work than the recurring lung infections! Through staying other places and seeing the marked difference in my health and energy, i finally figured out it was the air pollution in India — this realisation was helped finally by articles coming out as all of India and the world began to recognise the problem.

Since 2015 i have been spending about half my time in Thailand near the ocean, and this has enabled me to get back in my usual good work mode again. I now go back and forth between a meditation center in Koh Phangan and my old room (with air filter!) in McLeod Ganj (and N95 mask), and am able to be useful in both places.

Current supporters

  • Two anonymous supporters (Injies): Monthly, covers basic living expenses. Thank you!
  • Plugin author (Injie): (Prefers to remain anonymous) Free yearly subscription to a very useful plugin i use on all sites – $119/yr. Thank you!
  • (Tibetan): One-time, $400 – put into a much-needed emergency stash. Thank you!
  • Khao Tham Meditation Center (Thai): Allows me to stay at the Center freely and gives me wonderful daily support. Thank you!
  • Jeff Lebow of WorldBridges (Injie): Funds where we host Tibetan and Dhamma websites (including this one). Thank you!
    • Tibet Charity Animal Clnic – free care for street cats. Thank you!
    • My 2 favorite food markets always give me good discount, i never asked. Thank you!
    • All the good folks who make food for me and clean up after i eat, take care of rooms i stay in, answer support calls with patience and helpful attention, dispose of my garbage, fix my internet connection and my electrical line and my toilet, take me to town, notice when i’m lost in the airport or skytrain or a shop and set me on the right way, and more more more —
    You are all the real heroes and the real MVPs. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

How to support these works

For now you can contact me here for ways. If it seems useful i could put a Stripe button up here.

Here are some other good people you can support:

Lobsang Wangyal is a writer, social activist, photojournalist, and events producer, also based in McLeod Ganj, India.
Here is a page about Lobsang on this website, and here are pages for his event productions, and his Wikipedia page.
Our next big project we want to do together is an online contemporary Tibetan dictionary, to live at his website
All Lobsang’s works are for Tibet and for dharma. At GoGetFunding you can support his general works, and his work enabling Indian passport for Tibetans.
Help With Booksis a not-for-profit initiative founded in 2008 to make books easily available to Tibetan children.
Here is the Help With Books website, and here is its donation page.
Brain Pickings, is a wonderful website by Maria Popova which combines and compares thoughts of writers throughout history.
Here is the Brain Pickings website, and here is its donation page.
Indriya Meditation Retreat Centre, is a new meditation center opening this year on Koh Phangan, Thailand. It is run by Anthony Markwell who used to teach at Khao Tham. Indriya Retreat needs help to finish construction.
Here is the Indriya Retreat website, and here is its GoFundMe page.
Khao Tham Insight Meditation Center, is the place i am honoured to be able to practice and stay on Koh Phangan, Thailand. The Center’s mission is to bring the dharma to interested Westerners.
Here is the Khao Tham website, and here is its support page
Project Gutenberg was the first provider of free electronic books, or eBooks, beginning in 1971, and currently offers over 58,000 free eBooks.
Here is the Project Gutenberg website, and here is its donation page.
Some Tibetan individuals in Tibet and in McLeod Ganj are doing good and selfless work in their communities, and could use some help to support themselves and their families.
If you would like to help, please contact me here and i can put you in touch with a friend here who is working to find ongoing funds for these good people.

this page revised 22 jun 2019.