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✶ General info about javascript:

  * "Javascript is a very well-established front-end language used to add 
	  animation effects and styling onto a webpage. 
      It does not run on the server, but actually on the user’s browser."
	  -- Vijay Singh

  * If the user has turned off Javascript in their browser, then anything
	  in the website/page that is based on it will not work.

  - Wordpress Javascript: What You Need to Know
	  -- Vijay Singh
	  18 oct 2021

  - JavaScript Frameworks: What WordPress[|ClassicPress] devs need to know
	  Difference between 'framework' and 'library':
  		framework is used for an entire project: 
	      such as, a web app, a cms.
		library is a set of functions and classes to do a specific thing:
   		  such as, a slideshow.
	  -- Sufyan bin Uzayr
	  26 jul 2018

  - 10 best JavaScript frameworks to use in 2022
	  -- Simran Kaur Arora
	  20 nov 2021

✶ React in WordPress:

  * React is the base for a wide array of existing WP-related
	  projects, including the REST API, Gutenberg and other apps based on it.

  * React is maintained by Facebook and is under active development. 

  * "Some WordPress contributors worry about so tightly linking WordPress to React, 
	  and by extension Facebook, a company whose ideology does not quite align 
      with that of WordPress."

  - WordPress Core JavaScript framework selection discussion continues 
	  with input from open source community leaders
	  26 sep 2017

  - Which JavaScript Framework for WordPress Core?
	  16 jun 2017

  - find more about WordPress and JavaScript frameworks ...

✶ why jw is not interested in javascript frameworks, or even much in javascript:

  * I like working where the rubber hits the road,
	  With stress on functionality and accessiblity.
	  With strong basics (web server, html, files, some css).

  * If the user has turned off Javascript in their browser, then anything
	  in the website/page that is based on it will not work.

  * My interest is in building web sites, not web apps, that are as 
	  accessible as possible, and will last as long as possible.
	  That are based on information, not on flashiness.
	  So these frameworks are not useful for the kinds of sites i build.

  * Javascript frameworks do have their use-cases, but as a general way of
	  building sites to me it is over-complicating things.
  * From a philosophical point of view, React is made and maintained by
	  FaceBook ("Meta"), and i have strong differences with FB's ethics,
      methods, and just about everything about them. So i wouldn't want
	  to use it on that basis alone.

  * It's a natural tendency of humans, of life itself, to increase in complexity,
      past the point of usefulness, and even into absurdity and/or self-destruction
      (See an elk's huge antlers, giraffe's long neck, anything's multiplication
       to the point of using up all their resources and dying out.)
      For me, Javascript frameworks, along with the Web of the 2020s, is that.
      I am quite happy to lag farther and farther behind, and do believe
      that the sites i build for people serve them well.

➽  links and resources: 

  - ClassicPress: Alternative to WordPress without Gutenberg & React.js
      -- Thoriq Firdaus
      31 oct 2018

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