If our health is good, we can resist disease better, and we can also handle better the stresses of isolation, caring for family, and other difficulties. If any of these suggestions seem useful, try them out; if not — just ignore!

These tips are in random order right now as i get them. Soon i will get them in better order, and add pages with more info. — WW

Especially when we are tense, we tend to hold our breath. When we are stuck in our rooms we may not move around as much, and not breath deeply as often.
When you feel tense, take a deep breath. Whenever you think of it, just take a deep breath. It is a great help to your body, your emotions, and your mind!
If you have time you can use this quiet time we have to try more breathing. Here is a source for mindful breathing at Khao Tham Center. i will find some more good sources for breath and Pranayama. Any other suggestions? Your own ww
Incense helps in relaxation/calming and clearing heavy, negative energy but i don’t think it is good to use for lung illness. It’s advisable to do some (pranayama) breathing exercises. Tibet Sun comment TBD
Also when Sikyong advised people to eat good food i hope people don’t misconstrue it as eat lots of food. If you eat too much, especially non-veg, it’s extra strain on your body to digest it. Tibet Sun comment TBD
I looooove coffee. Been having a cup or two a day, with milk and sugar and cardamom, for several years now. (Some people might say ww loves coffee-flavoured milk, not coffee! No problem! :D)
Well … also been dealing more and more with anxiety and tiredness! Last month i weaned myself off of coffee, and whaddya know. Sure there’s anxiety, that’s part of life. But i can manage it much better now. And no more naps, doing stuff all day. Glad i figured it out before this emergency hit — i’m able to be much more useful.
We’re all different, and i know this is not the experience of many other coffee-lovers. But just in case it is, check it out. Your own ww
When we are stuck in our rooms we may not move around as much, and we’re all going to end up as complete flabs when this is over! Coming up: Some good exercises we can do in our rooms, and links to YouTube videos etc. Got any suggestions? Your own ww
Walking? C’mon WW! We’re stuck in our rooms — where we gonna walk to?
Even just a little walking and jogging in your room can be helpful. Really!
And, you can try walking meditation. I have found it sooo useful; often am just feeling too antsy these days to sit still in sitting meditation. Khao Tham Center.
Will get an introduction up here soon
Got more suggestions about walking? Your own ww
You know it, i know it, we all know it — music is just a Good Thing, and we sure need good things now.
Suggestions for good music? Your own ww
Everything above also affects our minds, because that’s just how it works 🙂 Here’s some resources for helping your mind directly:
How to Stay Calm During a Coronavirus Outbreak — A really nice sensible article.

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Written 26 March 2020; revised 23 April 2020.