The names of the things

  • lockdown, curfew = You cannot leave your house except: to buy essentials, or there is a medical emergency, or you are part of an essential service.
  • quarantine = You cannot leave your house at all for any reason.
  • social distancing = You keep at least 2 meters away from anyone. More is better! This prevents the spread of virus.
  • pandemic = A disease that has spread to many people worldwide.
  • epidemic = A sudden increase in the number of cases of a disease in an area.
  • endemic = A disease that is common in an area or group.
  • Coronavirus = Popular, general name for the disease COVID-19 and the virus causing it.
  • COVID-19 = The disease sweeping the world in 2019-2020
  • SARS-CoV-2 = The virus causing the COVID-19 disease.

Know more:

The disease popularly called “Coronavirus” is one of many “Coronavirus diseases”, which also include the common cold and several kinds of flu. The one we are worried about is COVID-19: “COronaVIrus Disease 2019”. It is caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2 — “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome COronaVirus 2”.

Many people get sick from this and it may be anywhere from mild, to something like flu, to a very bad illness. Too many people die from it.

And many people can even get the virus, and not get sick at all. But they can carry it and the virus easily spreads to others. That is the reason for the strong measures we use to combat it.

Written 12 April 2020; revised 12 April 2020.