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Please send your useful info, ideas for the site, funny gifs, and anything else in email to [email protected]

We want Rewa to be a completely trustworthy source of information about Coronovirus and lockdown while living in McLeod Ganj, India. Verifiable sources only. Not interested in rumours, gossip, politics. Thank you!

we are accepting all contributions in email:

  • Copy and paste the text of the information from the source into your email – not screenshots.
  • Only attach images or PDFs if the original source is an image or PDF.
  • Please copy the web address (“url”) from the address bar into your email.


  • Any additional information, thoughts, etc are very welcome!
  • Let us know if you want your name, website, FB page, etc. added to the Rewa contributors list.


Written 25 March 2020; revised 1 April 2020.