About the “Rewa” pages

The “Rewa pages” are a collection of brief and factual information useful for living in lockdown with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (“Coronavirus”) in McLeod Ganj India, written by the people living here.

The intention is to update daily or more often as needed.

All information is checked for reputable source, with link given to source. No hearsay, gossip, or scare-mongering.

Where are the “Rewa pages”?

On the Web at https://webwalker.to/rewa/

There is no Facebook, Twitter, etc. of this Rewa — the information is available on this site to everyone everywhere, and your privacy and security are not compromised.

How to keep up?

Latest updates will be posted on the main Rewa page and on “tometaxu” on Twitter and Mastodon

Why and how?

“Rewa” is Tibetan for “hope”, and is also the name of the building where we live in McLeod Ganj, India.

I started this for the people in the house, as we had been randomly messaging each other individually — which didn’t lead to efficient information-sharing! Hopefully here we (you too!) can all more easily share information about the rapidly changing situation with Coronavirus, living under lockdown, health, etc.

Started thinking, it maybe be useful to other people as well — sooooo — here we go, thursday 26 mar 2020 — we’re live!

Who is doing this?

This Web space is a joint effort by all people involved. How to send info for the site here.


Many people are sending updates to put on the website. Some have agreed to be named; others do not care to. Thank you to all!

  • ppl – The people in the house are the people on the ground, going out when necessary, and sending me local and Web info as they find it.
  • anon – Anonymous correspondents are sending information.
  • lw – Lobsang Wangyal – local information from local contacts.
  • pd – Phuntsok Dorje – materials, information, and links.
  • rrrb – Rewa Roving Reporter 2 – sending information from forays into town.
  • rrrt – Rewa Roving Reporter 1 – sending information from forays into town, and from the parts of the Web that ww dare not go.
  • tt – Tenzin Tsundue – materials, information, and links; publicising the site.
  • ww – WebWalker – the technical part of making these pages.

Privacy and security

Your privacy and security is actually really important to us — not a marketing phrase! 🙂
We don’t include privacy-invading code on this website.
There may be useful info on dangerous websites such as FaceBook and Google, but we won’t make direct links. You can copy and paste the address from our page into your browser address bar.
The site is professionally built and maintained, and its code secures you as much as it does the site itself.

Yours in peace,

Written 26 March 2020; revised 23 April 2020.