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How to learn computer, programming, web development, etc:
  ❄ Search the web with google
  ❄ Try things
  ❄ Make mistakes
  ❄ Learn what you love, what gets you excited - 
        not what people say is the "latest"
  ❄ Get together with people who know more than you and watch them
  ❄ Get together with people who are learning like you and share with them
  ❄ Get together with people who know less than you and teach them 
       (the best way!)
  ❄ Make mistakes
  ❄ Try things
  ❄ Make mistakes
  ❄ Make mistakes
  ❄ Make real things, have real projects that are interesting to you.
  ❄ Try things
  ❄ Make mistakes
  ❄ Great - done!  

  ❄ Nope, wrong. never done.
  ❄ Love what you do. Make things and share and do.
  ❄ Learn new more complicated things
  ❄ Try new more complicated things
  ❄ Make new more complicated mistakes!

places to learn:AdaFruit TutorialsAutoDesk Curriculum for studentsCodecademy.com - excellent online tech courses.
  ❄ Khan Academy - videos and self-paced tutorials on a WIDE range of topics
  ❄ Make Education Initiative from Make Magazine
  ❄ Makerbot lesson plans, etcOpenCourseWare on wikipedia, links to several repositories
  ❄ OpenCourseWare consortiumMIT OpenCourseWareOpenMaterials - open investigation and experimentation with DIY production methods and uses of materials. check their wikiSpark Fun: Learn Hardware - SparkFun Hardware TutorialsTomorrowsEngineers.org.ukWikiversity