Using Tibetan unicode script on web pages

How to do it

Give them the font

Not everyone will have the Tibetan font you prefer for your site. Or may not have any Tibetan font at all, especially at a cybercafe!

You can provide any open source font through your CSS file, like this:

If you are using a CMS

If you are using a CMS such as Joomla or WordPress, you can do all the above, in the theme/template and its stylesheet. Plus one more thing:

Some good Tibetan unicode fonts

Some good text editors

All editors are not the same!
These editors handle Unicode by default. And have many other good features for making web pages, email ... anything that is text. (You might be surprised how often you don't need MS Word!)

Some examples of sites using Bod-yig with unicode fonts:

There are many more!

Know more

About tibetan fonts and the web: