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Best-known Tibetan fonts (among exile Tibetans in Dharamsala)

Other Tibetan fonts


  • Arial Unicode MS
  • Tibetan Computer Co
    Successful company, run by a westerner (Tony Duff), located in Kathmandu. Has written Tibetan software (such as a Word-like app) and fonts. "Started in the mid 1980s with the aim of developing high-class Tibetan software for the IBM PC platform. The company developed the first professional Tibetan word-processing package for the DOS environment, called Tibetan! (version 4). The company has now developed a group of products for the Windows environment. Although the company makes Tibetan software for the use of all, its specific aim is to provide the software, fonts, and expertise needed for the preservation and dissemination of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. To that end, the company provides its software and expertise to the various groups doing that work."
  • TibetCulture
    Chinese site?
  • Yudit Tibetan Unicode




More info about Tibetan and fonts

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