Tibetan on Samsung problem after automatic update

The problem:

A Samsung user sent this question through the contact form on 29 April 2015.

The phone is Samsung S3

I used to always be able to read and write in Tibetan, using "Monlam Bodyig" and multilingual keyboard, but now, since Samsung automatically updated my phone, it is "not supported" anymore.

My phone won't even allow me to root it! Please tell me in English how enable it again as my friends are Tibetan... many thanks.

more details info sent after trying all the answers below

I pretty much have all of the Tibetan keyboard apps and ifont. I tried to root without pc with all the recommended ones such as towel root, framaroot, kingroot etc, and uninstalled my anti virus apps in order to do it, but it didn't work. Even if I managed to get them on my phone, they were not allowed to open. The flip font with multiling and also the Tibetan pad are fine in themselves but this phone will not let the letters appear. They only work with the Monlam Tibetan dictionary.

Lobsang made a very good point, because when Samsung "updated" this device, it seemed that the Monlam bodyig font which I had been using was still working and had over rid the update ...until I looked at the other fonts,....then when I tried to get back in, that's when the message came up saying that it is not supported. It also seems that Google play browser is not supported anymore and tells us to use the google play store app instead.

can you help?

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Some answers: from 30 april to 2 may 2015

answer 1

The issue with Android updates is that they tend to change the Language Library sometimes and the system fonts sometimes and earlier using Monlam flipfont would override the system font on a samsung device but now it doesn't do it system wide. Though some apps will still display Tibetan.

Rooting your phone should work especially if you can do it via terminal or cmd prompt using adb or fastboot commands.

You can unlock the bootloader using adb commands and then push a recovery using TWRP and from there push the SuperSU zip file you can download online which should root the phone and then use ifont app to install Tibetan system wide.

answer 2

Please install app called ifont and multiling keyboard on phone. Set keyboard to tibetan which u install from ifont app. But want only display tibetan correctly without instally Tibetan font then install opera mini and do one step setting in it. Best to do is root u phone and install tibetan.

answer 3

Just my own biased opinion, but I think "Tibetan Keyboard" is better than Multiling... Also, there are plenty of other Iron Rabbit apps like Tibetan Pad, Monlam Dictionary, Yakchat, etc, that don't require you to install the Monlam front in the Samsung system font. You can get them all here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Iron+Rabbit

I have been in contact with the League of the Iron Rabbit and they do hope to provide updated fonts for Samsung and Xiaomi phones, as well, soon, but yes, rooting your phone with iFont is a good option. ( Tibetan on Android how-to at League of the Iron Rabbit)

answer 4

None of the Iron Rabbit apps require root, nor does Opera Mini. It is only if you want to install Tibetan system wide for every app that you get into that requirement.