"Whether we follow the Middle Way policy (for autonomy for Tibet) or struggle for an independent Tibet, or whatever else Tibetans follow for our freedom struggle, we must not hate each other but must remain united.

"We need the strength of each and every Tibetan because our opposition is too powerful."

Nawang Khechog

[ "Free Tibet" banner at Great Wall — 7 August 2007]

Now, go help your cause, in any way you can!


Go fight with your fellow strugglers, or talk trash about them: The Chinese are laughing contentedly: you are doing their job for them.

       1950s ... 1980s ... ... 2007 ?

There are as many different ways to do good, as there are people to do it! If you don't like somebody's way of doing things, don't waste precious time fighting and back-biting — put your energy into doing a different way.

Can we actually act on the words of our Precious Teacher, instead of just mouthing empty praise of him?

His Holiness Dalai Lama:
Global Community and Universal Responsibility

NO MATTER what any government does, no matter how PETTY and SHALLOW they may be in blocking demonstrations, rallies, and speeches, (as well as doing much worse things) in this FLAT WORLD your voice can never be stilled when it speaks through THE INTERNET.

And even if the internet should be blocked, the world of THE HUMAN HEART is even stronger and more interconnected, and no government or power has ever been able to still its call.

never give up