August/September – Some teaching again

Thought i was leaving in July – nope! This and that came up, and i stayed in McLeod Ganj. Nice monsoon, clean air, didn’t have to run the air cleaner. Got an ephiphany about fatigue: It’s the sugar, idiot! No more sugar. Aaaah much better.

Students came from TCRC and AirJaldi! Lots of fun, and took me a couple days to get my “teacher” chops going again.

Bad air season will be starting in October, so will be definitely going to Thailand at end of September. May be back to McLeod this winter if students want to continue.

Web work this session:

  • A bit of web consulting with local Tibetan web developers through emails, sms, phone. [details]
  • As always, supporting Lobsang Wangyal Works through website administration, editing, and hot lemon/ginger/honey. [details]
  • And the usual 25-website maintenance and updates, (which includes keeping up with web tech and implementing on websites) …
    • Converting all WordPress websites that i admin to ClassicPress.
    • Getting some more work done on one of my dream projects, my Drongo Suite of plugins/css/framework, rolling it out to all the websites, and sharing with a couple of my interested students.
    • Maintenance details on the jobs page

Other works this session:

  • Still hoping to get to redesign of the Help With Books website with Phuntsok Dorjee. [details]
  • On hold: Building web and Wikipedia pages for Ngodup Paljor — starting with this page
  • Still working on the backup disks and reconciling everything, and setting up individual backup “clouds” for myself and LW. We both have years of archives of our own works, and in my case old websites of many Tibetan orgs, and cannot lose them!
  • Supporting local kitties who show up when word gets around that i am back.

    The black drooly kitty is now Squeakins Kitty — she has never meowed, but always little squeaks, which are now paragraphs of squeaky talking. She is a real cat now. Spent a month or so of her new-found health eating and sleeping, with a regular schedule of cuddling with me and getting brushes and scratchies every afternoon around 4pm (her schedule!).

    Now apparently she has gone on to the next stage of a McLeod kitty — started coming home less and less, comes by in the morning for food and greetings, and she’s on her own. I miss her hanging out, but it’s so good to see her a “real kitty” at last!

  • Dhamma study and meditation as always.