April-July 2019 – The Work

In McLeod Ganj with air filter running 24/7, N95 mask on when outside, lots of hot lemon/ginger/honey and healthy eating — hoping i can make it through without fatigue/illness this time!

Web work this session:

  • Web consulting with local Tibetan techies through meeting, emails, sms, phone; sharing at WordPress meetups (thanks to Tseten Dolkar) [details]
  • Supporting Lobsang Wangyal Works through website administration, editing, and hot lemon/ginger/honey. [details]
  • Getting started on build of the online Tibetan-English dictionary with Lobsang Wangyal. [details]
  • Getting started on redesign of the Help With Books website with Phuntsok Dorjee. [details]
  • Building web and Wikipedia pages for Ngodup Paljor — starting with this page
  • And the usual 25-website maintenance and updates, (which includes keeping up with web tech and implementing on websites) …
    • IBD-Buddhism.org (Tibetan Buddhism teachings in McLeod Ganj) — improvements and backups.
    • Converting all WordPress websites that i admin to ClassicPress.
    • Finally getting some substantive work done on one of my dream projects, my Drongo Suite of plugins/css/framework, rolling it out to all the websites, and sharing with a couple of my interested students.
    • Maintenance details on the jobs page

Other works this session:

  • Consulting about website rebuild of TibetWrites.in with Tenzin Tsundue and Bhuchung D Sonam. [details]
  • Going through all my backup disks and reconciling everything, and setting up individual backup “clouds” for myself and LW. We both have years of archives of our own works, and in my case old websites of many Tibetan orgs, and cannot lose them!
  • Supporting local kitties who show up when word gets around that i am back.

    I do like the cat and dog people, and say hello to them everywhere. Starting about 2008 the cats starting finding me in McLeod Ganj. It started with one sweet lady who stayed with me for years — even though i didn’t feed her because i didn’t want her to be dependent on me. Hah, fat chance of that! A few times she brought her food to me.

    There was a time a few years ago when there were seven cuddly kitties taking over my place — nursing kits and mom, young cats, and old lady — just walked right in, one by one, days apart, and how can i say no? Yes i did feed this batch 😀

    And as they grew, as each reached maturity, they stayed out daily for longer, and eventually none returned. Didn’t expect that — we were such a family!

    Now we have one old regular, the black drooly kitty, who is not drooling and looking much healthier. She never asks for pets and mostly sleeps, loves to be brushed and petted, but keeps to herself otherwise. Three days after i got back a new young tabby walked right in as if this was home, and followed me around all day talking to me. Turned out he was talking about stomach problems, and i think we’re getting it solved now. He is a sweetie and still sticks close to me. He’s been trying to make friends with drooly kitty and there is progress — she doesn’t swat him any more, they even sniff noses now … and i have suspicions they are sleeping together under my bed.

  • Dhamma study and meditation as always — and got a boost from a local class to start learning Sanskrit