2018 – To Thailand and good air

Why the Thailand travel? Isn’t walker’s work with Tibetans in India?
Yes it is. India air pollution chased me out, and Thailand air healed me up again. I plan my travel around the air pollution seasons. Thailand also is culturally a much more comfortable place for me to be. And I have a meditation place there now so i’m getting quite a lot out of that. And it’s Web, i can make it and consult on it anywhere!

Since about 2010 my health deteriorated badly in India. It got to the point that i really wasn’t doing much — and fatigue and brain fog interfered even more with web work than the recurring lung infections! Through staying other places and seeing the marked difference in my health and energy, i finally figured out it was the air pollution in India — this realisation was helped finally by articles coming out as all of India and the world began to recognise the problem.

Since 2015 i have been spending about half my time in Thailand near the ocean, and this has enabled me to get back in my usual good work mode again. I now go back and forth between a meditation center in Koh Phangan and my old room (with air filter!) in McLeod Ganj (and N95 mask), and am able to be useful in both places. (Well, and then there’s the meditation … that’s another story … 🙂 )