2017 – Change, change, change …

Why am i not doing this so much any more?
Several things occurred over the past few years, that made my role unneeded, and not fitting in the current situation in McLeod. Due to big clampdown on refugees by the Communist regime of China, less and less newcomers were arriving looking for classes of anything available. I think about half of my “students” over the years were refugees. (Which made for very interesting, rewarding, and enlightening experiences teaching programming without English!) Another is that McLeod Ganj exploded into a big tourist town for Indians, room rentals went up along with prices of everything, and the young students i work with can’t afford to hang out here. A third: many young Tibetans turned their faces outward, toward the West, and were not exploring options in McLeod or in India. Another, on positive side: The increased availability of cheap Internet access, the rise of affordable laptops and then mobile phones, and the proliferation of excellent web resources and tutorials on the Web, gave people the real things they needed to learn. And finally, with Tibetan web developers and programmers emerging as mentors and role models, somebody like me is just superfluous. My goal achieved! 😀

And so now i’m back to doing what i like best: coding, building websites. Which means i am going against the “I don’t do” thing, isn’t it? But i’m building and maintaining the sites for people who i believe are doing wonderful things for community and for dharma. And sharing the tech things i learn with people who consult with me. So that’s all right 🙂