February 2001 – coming to McLeod

I have been a web developer since the web began. In 2001 i was invited to travel with a friend in India. He took me to McLeod Ganj and the Tibetan exile community there, where i helped some Tibet organisations with their websites. While rebuilding the website of TCHRD and re-coding every page, i read every interview, every story on that site, of Tibetan refugees and the horrors they have undergone. I wondered how the people in that office, the Tibetans in McLeod, the Tibetans in the world, managed to get up and go to work everyday, knowing these things were happening, which were their own people in their own families. I could do no different, could not leave, could see how important the Web is for Tibetans telling their story to the world, and that i could help pass on those skills. And have been building / teaching / advising Web here ever since.

Since 2001 this has been my work. 24×7. For Tibet and for dharma.

The reward for me has always been, seeing people and organisations lose any need for me to be around at all. To have erstwhile “students” asking me advanced questions, and i don’t have an answer! To see once-beginner programmers now managing organisation websites and programming projects, and taking IT positions all over the world. And seeing the growth of Tibetan websites, telling the world about Tibetans. And feeling good that i had a small part in that.