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The intent of this website is to give information about WebWalker, and about making Web, with some writings of WebWalker on other subjects as well.

Everything on this website is provided in the spirit of Free and Open Source, which provides the underpinnings of all the computer, Internet, and Web technology that you use. Its materials are free to be shared and used by anyone.

All pages on the website are listed in the navigation menu at the top In addition you can search the website through a safe and secure search engine

There may be way more information on this page (or anywhere on the website!) than you want to know. That is OK — you don’t have to read it. 🙂 Just “take what you like, and leave the rest.” We have tried to structure the website so that the most important things are at the top levels, and anyone can drill down if they want more.

Privacy and security

Just like crossing the road, ultimately your Internet safety depends on you. Nevertheless, as with the road, there are things that the Internet/Web builder can do to help. All efforts are made to protect your information and your computer while using this website.

In addition to your privacy and security, we put thought into the website’s acessibility, ethical design and programming, and persistence into the future. Please go to the Privacy and security page for more about these subjects.


Explanation of the interactive features on this site:

  • The direct-file-view pages
    Technology is always changing, so my tech notes are always changing (hopefully!), so make it easy and fast to upload and access changed files, i'm using a combination of .htaccess directives along with a little php. I'll be explaining this elsewhere on this website.
  • Commenting
    Comments are accepted on some of the pages on the site. Comments are moderated: They do not appear automatically, but every comment is read and possibly edited before it is published.

Use and License

This website is dedicated to helping to spread information about good Web practices. All access and materials are provided freely and with no restriction, at no cost. All sources that are linked to, provide their materials at no cost.

The original content on the website is copyleft 🄯 WebWalker.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

The Tech

The website is developed and maintained with the ClassicPress CMS, a lot of good plugins, and some custom coding. All code is open source and available for anyone.

Website feedback

You can leave a message for the site owner/admin at the contact form.

Website support

Web development and maintenance is done as dāna by a long-time (26 years!) professional web developer. Web hosting is provided the same.

There is no funding for the website or the web developer. A little money would sure help in making the website even better! If you would like to help the website monetarily, you can support it here.

Thank you.

— james (balo)
[[ Cyberwallah to Tibet and Thai dhamma

Written 11 January 2020; revised 11 January 2020.